A Healthy You

the foundation to build a loving relationship




You'll go from...

  • Lost

  • Unsure of how to begin changing your relationships

  • Sad & Unhappy

  • Confused about why you're struggling in your relationships

  • Lonely


  • Clarity

  • Creating internal & external change

  • Peaceful & Balanced

  • Confident in your abilities to navigate relationships

  • Open to the understanding of what you truly deserve

With this course, you'll get:

  • Lifetime access to the course

  • Video lessons to easily fit into your busy schedule

  • An interactive workbook to guide you through application of the content

  • Assessments to track your progress

  • 4 Weekly group coaching sessions

  • Access to Cali's Coaching Vault

  • Email support through course completion

You'll learn:

  • How attraction works

  • To build self-awareness and confidence

  • Techniques to develop healthy relationship habits

  • To increase your emotional agility and remain more balanced

  • The self-care basics

  • How to begin to make positive change in your relationships


How can you expect to have a healthy relationship without being a healthy individual? The answer is that you shouldn't! Our personal self-esteem and habits are what form the foundation on which all of our relationships are built. So, if you feel like the relationships in your life just aren't quite right but you can't quite put your finger on where things are going wrong. This is the perfect place for you to begin.

Here comes the BIG QUESTION: How do you begin to change your relationships? After all, it's not like we have the ability to control others. But...you can control what you do and that's where it all begins. WITH YOU!


What would your life look like if you had better connection with your partner, your friends, your family and your coworkers? How would things be different for you? Let me help guide you toward becoming a healthier version of yourself so that you can create a foundation for loving relationships to exist. You deserve it!