Cali Mau is an expert on Cutting Through the B.S. of Relationships™. As a certified life coach specializing in relationships, Cali helps smart, driven people to stop settling for less than they deserve and start getting what they actually want from their love-life.


Hailing from North Pole, Alaska, Cali spent her early years going from unsuccessful relationship to unsuccessful relationship. She was stuck in a state of utter confusion about what was going wrong. In an effort to solve her own relationship woes, she began studying all that she could consume about relationships. Cali realized that all relationships follow similar patterns and so she began to develop a framework to diagnose and heal relationships, both romantic and otherwise.


Prior to launching her coaching company, Cali had a successful career in the legal field obtaining her Paralegal Degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. After seeing enough of the aftermath from broken, disconnected relationships, Cali decided that she wanted to take a more proactive approach. She began helping people create the skills necessary of successful relationships resulting in avoidance of the legal process altogether.  She obtained her Life Coach Certification from the Life Purpose Institute, a program based out of San Diego, California, accredited through the International Coaching Federations (ICF)


Her innovative methodology provides individuals and couples with the tools to cut through all of the B.S. and have not only amazing romantic relationships, but improved friendships, family relationships and working relationships. 


A successful speaker, Cali has been featured on the Infinite Coaching Network, the Lesbian Couples' Forum,  The True Alchemist Sisterhood, and other organizations on the topics of strengthening relationships, empowerment, and the self-actualization process.

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