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A Fully Digital Online Dating Course

Discover a Way to Date Better

Ditch the overwhelm! Relationships can be tricky. So, when you add in the pressure of trying to figure out what you want, how you're going to integrate someone into your life, navigating dating apps, and all the other B.S. that can come with's an overload! Our fully digital online course ​is here to show you that there's a way to Date Better. In this program, you'll be guided through the process of learning to date with intention. We break dating down into bite-size chunks so that you can learn all the things required to change who you're attracting. You'll stop the cycle of chaos and start having the skills to cut to the chase of getting the kind of relationship that's going to serve you best.

You'll Go From...

  • Frustrated with dating

  • Wanting to give up

  • Tired of putting yourself out there

  • Confused about why you haven't found the right person

  • Disappointed about who you've been attracting

  • Afraid of being hurt

  • Guarded from your past relationship experiences


  • At ease about your possibilities

  • Ready to get dating again

  • Rejuvinated to put yourself out there

  • Knowledgable about your dating process

  • Relieved about changing your attraction strategy

  • Confident about identifying red flags

  • Open to letting people in

Okay. What is this?

This online dating course allows you to learn how to Date Better in a private setting, wherever you may choose to access it from. In this course, you'll be guided through the process of learning to date with intention. We're cutting through the fluff and teaching you all the things required to change who you're attracting. You'll stop the cycle of chaos and start having the kind of relationships you actually want to have.

You'll Learn How To:

  • Change who you're attracting

  • Deepen your self-awareness & confidence

  • Identify what kind of relationship is going to suit you best

  • Communicate effectively with a potential partner

  • Establish a plan to eliminate the chaos and start finding the kind of partner you actually want

You'll Get:

  • ​3 Months of videos with instructional content

  • Access to the private Date Better Facebook group (for clients only)

  • Exclusive interviews with experts (in sex, emotional wellness, communication and more)

  • Interactive worksheets to apply the program content

  • Assessments to track your progress

  • Email support through course completion

  • Exclusive offers (made only to our clients)

Alright. But how does it work?

This program is 100% online so you can attend no matter where you are. Every week, you'll receive an email with a link to a weekly video. Next, you'll access your weekly worksheets to think through how the weekly video content applies to YOU so that you can walk away every week with a better understanding of yourself as well as the dating process. And here's how easy it is to get started...

Personal Computer
  1. Complete your Registration and Enrollment.

  2. Get your welcome email with all the information you need to begin the program.

  3. Download your Date Better Workbook.

  4. Get ready to start FINALLY changing your dating experiences!

Who is this program for?

Well, if you're reading this, single, and tired of what hasn't been working for you, then...this program is for YOU! The program is specifically designed for 

People who...

  • Are hoping to discover more about the kind of relationship that would suit them best

  • Are stuck on how to move forward after past hurt

  • Are looking to brush-up on their dating skills

  • Are wanting to find a true partner

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Cheering Fans

Valarie Canino

Parenting Coach

You'll have access to

exclusive interviews with


Valarie Headshot.jpg

Valerie Canino is an author, intuitive mom, and certified life coach who serves as the bridge for connection between teens and their parents. Valerie herself broke away from her family’s generational patterns from being the “boss parent” to instead be a “guide.” 


Through her coaching, Valerie supports teens and their parents to replace conflict with positive communication, create an authentic connection, and turn stressful situations into calm, saving families years of expensive counseling.


Her heart centered approach not only transforms relationships but also heals families so they feel listened to, liberated and loved in their relationship. 


In addition to her private practice, Valerie is the founder of  Mission A-Teenable, a non-profit providing life coaching support services to disadvantaged teens and their parents nationwide. 


In a few months, she will be launching a transformative teen book called “Surviving to Thriving. A Teen Girl’s Guide to Mastering Your Life Now" that you will be able to purchase on Amazon and through her website.

Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey

Sex & Intimacy Coach

Lori Beth Bisbey.jpeg

Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey is a clinical psychologist, accredited GSRD (gender, sex relationship diversity) therapist, sex & intimacy coach. For over thirty years, she has helped people explore their sexuality, uncover deep sexual desires, heal from past trauma, & discover what it really means to have great sex & amazing relationships. She specializes in working with people who are exploring conscious relationships by they traditional monogamous ones, consensually non-monogamous ones, or relationships that contain authority transfer dynamics. She works a lot with people exploring alternative sexual spaces including kink & BDSM.

Her goal is to help her clients create and maintain meaningful relationships that contain sizzling sex (without shame). She welcomes all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, & races into her safe space. Dr. Lori Beth believes everyone has the right to safely and confidently explore, express and experiment with what arouses, excites and frees them. She seeks to empower her clients on their journey to claiming their ideal relationship(s).

Laura Burkey

Communication Coach


Laura Burkey is a Thought Behavior and Communication Coach and helps couples build sustainable patterns and peace through her Couples Communication Coaching work.


Laura is passionate about language, communication, and relationship dynamics and takes very seriously the power these fundamental elements have on the outcomes one experience's based on their awareness and skill level.   


Starting at the paradoxical point that “we are all so different, yet we are exactly the same”, Laura begins working with individuals to develop, mature, and harmonious relationship experiences.

Benjy Sherer

Benjy Sherer.PNG

Emotional Wellness Coach

There is a fine line between emotional awareness and spiritual awakening, and that is where Benjy thrives as a mentor and teacher. Guiding people to emotional mastery, Benjy bridges the gaps between psychology, spirituality and philosophy. Those 3 realms are all intrinsically connected in Benjy's completely unique - and yet intuitively and compellingly simple - approach to self love and emotional mastery.


His overall approach is about "Feelings First", referring to the notion that we can master our emotions directly, without the need for deep intellectual analysis, ultra-spiritual practices, or pharmaceutical medications. He teaches people how to connect directly with the emotions and sensations of their body - without fear, guilt or shame - and to allow these feelings to run through them so that they can be truly released. It's about building emotional muscle, not seeking rational answers.

As Benjy says, emotional healing is NOT an intellectual activity.

A Note From Cali

I have had countless people describe their dating experience as "exhausting". This is so disheartening for me to hear. I believe that dating doesn't have to be this negative! That's why I designed this program - - to help people eliminate the confusion of what the hell has been going so wrong and build their confidence in finding the kind of relationship that's going to suit them best.

So often, people think they know what they want in a relationship until the specifics that REALLY MATTER are brought to the forefront. Then they often begin to realize that there are several areas that they either haven't put enough thought into or have had the wrong mindset around.  The framework that I've created helps people identify the components necessary for a successful relationship. We'll address your blocks, cultivate healthy relationship habits, and set you up with a dating plan for success. You'll be beaming with confidence as you re-enter the dating world with a renewed and profound sense of self to share with someone who is as equally deserving of greatness as you are.

Dating should be fun! The process of getting to know people and the potential of meeting someone that can be a true partner for you should be exhilarating! But, in order for it to be this way, we need to have our entire dating perspective changed. We need to develop the right relationship skills. Luckily, you're here! And now, you have a way to get all of that done.