• Frustrated with dating

  • Wanting to give up

  • Tired of putting yourself out there

  • Confused about why you haven't found "the right one"

  • Disappointed about the people you seem to attract

  • Scared about being deceived

  • Guarded from past experiences

from confused to confident

Young Couple


  • At east about your possibilities

  • Excited to meet people

  • Ready to put yourself out there

  • Knowledgable about what's been missing

  • Relieved by understanding how attraction works

  • Confident about identifying red flags

  • Open to the process of letting people in

It's time. You've got the career, great friends, and an amazing independent lifestyle to match your magnificence.  Now, it's time to add a true partner that can compliment your life and walk alongside you to be your equal.

The thing that holds us back from having this is literally just the knowledge of how to find and engage in a healthy relationship. Cali's framework is designed to help you gain clarity around what uniquely will work best for you in a relationship and how to find it.

Your time is valuable so why continue with trial-and-error dating? The process of finding a true partner doesn't have to be so daunting. With a little bit of guidance, your dating experiences can from 

confused and pessimistic to confident and prepared in just a few short weeks. What you deserve for your love-life is worth the investment of your time in getting it right.

Here's how to get started:

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