"Cali Mau Coaching was beneficial to me in so many amazing ways. Cali helped me discover passions I had forgotten about. She challenged me to think about what I really want and deserve to have in life. The part I love most about coaching, is that she empowered me to do the work to make changes in my life. She helped me discover the steps I need to take daily for my plan of action. Now I can directly focus on areas of my life I desperately want to change. Cali is smart, professional, insightful and really cares to help you make the changes you want in your life. If you have never done coaching and you are considering it, know that it is 100% worth it! Cali Mau Coaching will change your life for the better. It will help you be the person you want be and that’s her ultimate goal!" - Sitka, AK

"I recently moved and had no idea where to begin with the transition. Cali helped me formulate ideas and a plan that worked best for me. Changes can be scary, but having her coaching me through made it so much easier to adjust!!!" - Clarksville, TN

"Working with Cali, I felt like I learned so much about myself. I learned terminology about so much of what I’ve experienced. I gained such an understanding of why I’m attracting what I’m attracting. It gave me some understanding of language and how to communicate what I’m looking at from a bigger picture standpoint. I really appreciated that. It challenged me to look at things that I haven’t made myself think about. As I think about dating again, what do my boundaries look like? What are the red flags? Cali was great! She’s vulnerable and shares and helps me see things I might not otherwise see.  It was so valuable to have her connect the dots in ways that I’d never considered." - Los Angeles, CA

"A lot of concepts that Cali presented were familiar but framed in a new way. It helped me get clear and be specific about what I’m looking for. It’s helped me accept others’ behaviors and get clear on when it’s time to let somebody go. I’m definitely going to take that with me moving forward. " - Fairbanks, AK

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